domestic demand

domestic demand
domestic demand domestic demand demand

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domestic demand UK US noun [U] ECONOMICS
the total amount of money that is spent on goods and services by the people, companies, and government within a particular country, or that would be spent if the goods and services were available: »

increased/growing/falling domestic demand


growth/recovery/slowdown in domestic demand

strong/weak domestic demand »

Higher fuel prices have created strong domestic demand for energy-saving products.


the strength/weakness of domestic demand

reduce/stimulate/boost domestic demand »

Measures such as interest-rate cuts have been introduced to boost domestic demand.

be driven/led/powered by domestic demand »

In France economic recovery was led by domestic demand rather than exports.

meet/keep up with domestic demand »

We are faced with the prospect of importing expensive natural gas to meet domestic demand.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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